Sunday, June 26, 2016

Some Things Stay the Same...

Whenever I'm working in or just enjoying my garden, I think about how some things stay the same.  I feel connected to the many people who get the same sense of joy, comfort and satisfaction that I do, both today and for so many ages before.

I've written nineteenth century heroines who would have had gardeners to do the work for them, one who always was in the dirt and compost right next to them, and some who would have welcomed the chance to do something so peaceful as garden.  In my YA series, I'm writing a slightly futuristic heroine who would definitely feel the connection I do to the nature around me.

 I've written certain trees and plants of mine into my stories and I think about them all as I weed and mulch and water and both my garden and I get to experience adventures beyond our small plot of land.  :-)

Many things are so different from the times and places I write about, but some of the most simple and wonderful things are the same!

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