Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We're going back to the Castle!

Is there anything better than achieving a childhood dream?  Crossing something off of your bucket list?  I don’t think so!  First—you must picture the little girl I used to be—happily curled around a book—at the pool, by the fire, in every season and sort of weather.  Fantasy books were a mainstay for me back then and I happily lived alternate lives in Prydain and Pern and Avalon.  If you had told that girl that she would be a writer someday—she would scarcely have believed you.  And if you told her she would get to combine her two great loves—Romance and Fantasy—she would have cried happy tears.  Heck, I’m crying happy tears just thinking about it now.

But that is exactly what I did last year when I was asked to contribute to the Haunting of Castle Keyvnor anthology series.  It’s a 12 story series set in a haunted castle in Cornwall, and it mixes the reading of a will with romance and passion and ghosts, ghouls, witches gypsies and pixies.  Yep, pixies.  That’s where I came in.  I agreed to take part if I could use Cornish pixies as my ‘haunt.’  I had a blast creating my nature-based magic sprites!   Lady Tamsyn and the Pixie’s Curse was born and included in the book, Bedeviled.

Now, that story is being released on its own!  It’s on pre-order now!



And good news!  Castle Keyvnor was such a hit and the authors had such fun with it—we’re going back—at Christmas!  There is a double wedding going on at the castle—and 12 new stories revolving around the holiday, new romances and our supernatural creatures.  All four new books are also on pre-order now!  We hope you’ll join us for a bit of holiday magic!

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