Monday, September 14, 2020

Kiss Me Lady One More Time--on pre-order!

 Hooray!  It's almost time for the third book in the Series of Unconventional Courtships--Kiss Me Lady One More Time!   Pre-order is available now--get it as soon as it releases!

Mr. Barrett Sterne has one thing on his mind.  He must find Lord Tensford’s fossil specimen—the one that was stolen right out from under his nose—and his cracked skull.  It is a matter of honor.  It is vital to preserving the regard of his close-knit circle of friends.  Why, then, must he keep pushing away thoughts of Miss Munroe, the girl who distracted him from his duty that fateful night?


Miss Penelope Munroe has many things on her mind—her scientific interests, the help she’s providing her village friends, and the fact that her parents are pushing her toward marriage.  Her father wants her to marry a peer, her mother keeps thrusting her at her scientist friends, but she cannot help but wonder if that spark between her and Mr. Sterne was real?


She has a chance to find out when she becomes embroiled in the search for the missing fossil.  Sparks are indeed flying and passions swirl, but Sterne’s demons have their claws buried deep in his heart.  He is continually drawn to her, but feels honor bound to stay away.  Penelope’s love and determination are fierce, but can she free him enough to trust in the permanence of love?



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