Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Favorites

I love autumn.  It's (usually) one of the best seasons in North Carolina, long and beautiful with gorgeous keep-your-windows open weather and amazing color.  We've got the beauty this year, even if the weather is holding out on us and giving us overcast, cloudy days.  But there are still plenty of reasons to love the fall--and here's a list of my (somewhat shallow but true) favorites:

1.  Fall food. 

     I'm not talking fair food, although the State Fair is going on right now and judging by my FB feed, lots of my friends are indulging in fried oreos, giant turkey legs and barbecue sandwiches with Krispy Kreme buns.  (Ugh)  Nope, I'm talking good, homemade comfort food for when the nights start coming earlier and the temps dip down in the evening.  We had pot roast tonight.  And that is one meal that every one of my picky eaters love.  Soups, chili, casseroles--and the baking!  Fall puts me in the mood to bake.  We've already been through a couple batches of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins this year and a big batch of cookies this week.

2.  This is where the weather would usually go, but see above.

3.  Fall TV!  

    Here's where the shallow comes in, but I love veggin' out with a good TV series, and the fall season is always fun after the summer drought.  I'm digging Castle again, now that they are back in NYC.  I just enjoyed the finale of Project Runway last week.  I've recently discovered Face Off, which is fun.  We love The Big Bang Theory and I'm enjoying trying out some new shows to see if they stick--still up in the air about Sleepy Hollow, but I'm hooked on Orange is the New Black.

4.  Fall clothes. 

    Am I the only one who loves to dig out the long sleeves, the yoga pants and the soft cashmere sweaters after shorts weather?  I love switching seasons in's like a whole new beloved wardrobe every few months.

5.  Costumes

     We are a costume family and Halloween is the perfect excuse to go gangbusters!   The kids and I have been working on our costumes and having a grand time.

So there you have my faves!  Will you share yours?  What's your favorite fall food?  Do you love yoga pants?  Costumes?  The hot guy who plays Ichabod Crane?  Spill, please!  

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