Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Either . . .Or Game--Thanksgiving Style!

I thought it would be fun, since Thanksgiving is just next week (Ack!) to play the Either . . . Or game, holiday style!

Either  Home for the Holidays . . . Or . . . Traveling to visit Family or for Fun?


Either . . . . In the Bird . . . Or . . . In a casserole dish?

Either . . . .Traditional Pie . . . Or . . . Cake or something different?

After Dinner?
Either . . . Football . . . . Or . . . Movies?

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  I'll start us off with my answers.

Travel--For the past 10 years or so, we've stayed home for Thanksgiving.  I cook dinner and my sister helps out with sides.  I admit I'm ready to try something new.  Family is too far for a short visit, but I'd love to go out one year or, like my neighbors do every year--plan a fun and adventurous vacation.

Turkey--I usually roast the turkey. We don't have a fryer…I've never even tried the fried kind.  One year, though, we were in the midst of a home improvement project and I put a turkey breast in the crockpot.  It turned out great--so tender!

Stuffing--None of my boys eat it, so I usually just make a small dish on the side for my sister and me.  Of course, it has to be homemade and similar to my Grandma's recipe!

Dessert--Valiant Husband loves apple pie.  Eldest loves pumpkin. Youngest doesn't eat either, so I sometimes end up making cookies or something for him too.

After Dinner--Neither of the above.  Valiant Husband will watch a bit of football, but the rest of us usually sit around in a turkey coma, play games and start our Christmas lists.

Now, your turn!

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