Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Special Giveaway celebrating Hestia Wright!

The Lady’s Lover is out on May 6, and I’m both thrilled and conflicted.  For eleven books I’ve been living in Hestia Wright’s world.  Readers have asked for her story and now it is finally her turn, but I’m going to miss her!  

In my mind, Hestia is one of the light bringers.  She’s been through so much, but she’s strong and she’s managed to turn her tragedy into a drive to help others.  I’m running a special contest on my website this month to celebrate her.  I’ve gathered up things that remind me of Hestia Wright—things that are pretty, strong, and/or turn darkness to light—and I’m giving them away to a newsletter subscriber. 

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Every newsletter comes with an unsubscribe button if you find you don’t like my combo of chat, historical tidbits and special contests.  But I hope you will and I hope you’ll join me and Hestia on her amazing journey!

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