Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Year! New Series!

Love Me, Lord Tender was a novella that was first pubbed in the anthology, It Started With a Whisper. It is the spring board for A Series of Unconventional Courtships! Nothing But a Rakehell is book number two. Both of these are coming out on January 20. They are hitting preorder availability now!
Kiss Me, Lady, One More Time is the third book and will be out later this year. I'm pretty excited about this series and am having fun with it. I hope you guys will love it!

Debutantes fear him. Their mamas shun him. And it’s all the fault of that gossip-monger, Lady X.
William Grey, Lord Tensford, has an old title and an empty purse. He knew it would be difficult to find a Society bride, but after Lady X heeds baseless rumor and brands him Lord Terror, it’s next to impossible.
Until he comes to the aid of Lady Hope Brightley, who staunchly defends him to the ton, causing Lady X to re-dub him Lord Tender.
It’s no improvement. Now he’s a laughing stock as well as a fortune hunter. But Lady Hope means to repay his kindness by helping him to find a bride. But in the end, will she turn him over to the perfect mate? Or ask him to . . . Love Me, Lord Tender?


Lady Glory Brightley was dreading her sister’s house party—until she discovers an early guest mired in a bog.  She pulls the Earl of Keswick free—and then goes to great lengths to hide her limp from him.  Is it too much to ask, just once, to be seen and treated as everyone else?

Keswick has come to Gloucestershire to hide—from an overzealous debutante, from his father, perhaps even from himself.  He bonds with Lady Glory as a fellow misfit—her limp is nothing compared to the wounds he hides.  They pledge to see each other through the choppy waters of the party, but he never expected to be caught up by this sprite of a girl—with her quick wit, stunningly fine seat on a horse and giving heart.

Not that he could ever pursue such inclinations.  For no true lady could want a man with his reputation and entanglements. Who could love a man who is nothing but a rakehell?

He’s about to find out.

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